7-11 Limited Edition Sanrio LED Sensor Night Light

7-11 Limited Edition Sanrio LED Sensor Night Light

7-11 Limited Edition Sanrio LED Sensor Night Light

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7-11 launch a special limited edition “Sanrio LED Sensor Night Light”. You can also choose your favorite style to let Hello Kitty and My Melody illuminate you in the cold winter. Don’t miss it, Sanrio fans!

Sanrio LED Sensor Night Light has two big head shapes, Hello Kitty and My Melody, which can be used for decoration during the day and lighting at night. It is cute and practical.

There are also “ON”, “OFF” and “SENSOR” buttons at the bottom of the two night lights. When the “ON” button is turned on, the sensor light will turn off automatically after about 10 minutes. Don’t worry about forgetting to turn off the light before going to bed; when the “SENSOR” button is turned on, you can adjust the 3-segment LED to meet the needs of different environments. brightness. The two night lights have different sensing functions. Hello Kitty is a 3-segment voice-activated sensor. You can switch the lights and adjust the 3-segment brightness with just a clap of your hand; while My Melody uses a 3-segment touch sensor, which requires Tap the sensor light to adjust the brightness.


Hello Kitty:  11 cm L x 8.8 cm W x 9.3 cm H

My Melody: 11.5 cm L x 10 cm W x 9.6 cm H



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