Bath Mat Dia 45x34 Snoopy

Bath Mat Dia 45x34 Snoopy

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Amazing water absorbing power!
This bath mat is made of diatomaceous earth, a highly absorbent natural material.
With its outstanding water-absorbing power, water is almost completely absorbed from the area where soles come in contact with the mat in just a few seconds after wet feet are placed on it.

The whole family can use it without worrying about the mat being wet after getting out of the bath.

Care Instructions
Unlike conventional bath mats, there is no need to wash the mat every day.
A quick rinse with water is sufficient to remove any stains.
We recommend drying in a well-ventilated or sunny place once or twice a week.
If the water absorbency decreases as the mat is used more and more frequently, dirt adheres to the surface of the bath mat, clogging the holes in the surface and reducing the original water absorbency.  In this case, the surface can be resurrected by scraping the surface with a thin layer of 300-400 grit sandpaper.
Please wipe off the shavings with a dry cloth.

Body size: 10 x 450 x 350 mm
Weight: approx. 1.5 kg


Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: Diatomaceous earth * Pulp * Lime
Package: Individual box
Product tag: None
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Bath Mat Dia 45x34 Snoopy


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Vendor: Japan